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The idea behind the script was to produce a table from selected weather stations, these weather stations use similar equipment to me. The home page of my site is based on one of the templates provided with Virtual Weather Station and has a table of up to 40 local weather stations data. This data is provided by Weather Underground. The problem with this was I had no control which stations data was displayed so the quality of data display was variable.

This script can with the permission the other weather station owners display data collected with Weather Display software. It uses a basic PHP script I found on the TNET Weather web site. This basic script read a clientraw.txt file that Weather Display produces and stores the data elements in an array. My script uses this function to read the clientraw.txt file from the selected web sites and displays the results in a table. The script can be configured in many ways.

  1. Which sites to include in the table with setting for home page URL and seperate filepath to clientraw.txt file
  2. The units the weather data is displayed in eg. °C/°F, mph/kph/ms/knts, in/mm and inhg/mmhg/hpa/kpa
  3. Default Time zone

The table also uses a Javascript Table Sorting script by 'All My Scripts' which allows the data to sorted under most columns

The zipfile includes my PHP scripts in a working example web pages. It include the Javascript table sort script and a text file with more information about my script and configurering.

Before adding weather stations the your page it is highly recommended that you gain permission from the station owner. Generally weather station operators are only too pleased to share there data.

I do not recommmend the you do not include more than about 12 sites in the script as each site you add slows down the rendering of the page. It is best to only include sites that regually operate 24/7 as sites that are offline slow the page load greatly.

The script uses CSS so change to colour schemes are quite easy and are included in the example download

To see the script in use as I use it on Clevedon Weather and an example what you get in the downloadable zip Example of Script in use

The above script can be download Regional Weather Script requires PHP5
There are a number of weather station web sites around the world that are using this script and some have modified it to suit their own needs.Common modifications are to reduce the number columns to allow the table to fit there page layouts. Below are a few other sites using this script.
  1. Bath Weather
  2. Horfield Weather
  3. Carolina Storm Watch
  4. High Park Village,Toronto
  5. Relay Weather
  6. Regnskvett


Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet.

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