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Photos of Clevedon

Clevedon Triangle

The Clock Tower in the centre of Clevedon's Triangle shopping area, was designed and built by Sir Edmund Harry Elton, a world famous Potter,  to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee. On the North face, he used a medallion of the head of Father Time, and used Elton-ware mosaics on the tower, which was completed in 1898.

Clevedon Triangle Clock Tower

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The Curzon Community Cinema

Clevedon's Famous Cinema, Established in 1922 on the site of an earlier Cinema dating from 1912.

You will see from the Curzon web site, that this cinema is the oldest purpose-built, continually-operated cinema in the world. Visit their web site for a full history and coming attractions.

Clevedon Curzon Community Cinema

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Clevedon Library

Formerly Saint John's School. Visit the Library web site for more information.

Clevedon Library - Formally Saint John's School

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Clevedon Pier

A stroll down the pier in December 1970 may not have sounded a lot of fun to many people, but could have been just the thing for a Boxing Day outing. However, this could not take place due to a partial collapse of the pier earlier in the year. Read all about it on the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Centre web site.

Clevedon Pier

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The Bandstand

Built in 1887 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria

Clevedon Bandstand

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Wains Hill and The Pill - Clevedon

A view of Wains Hill and the Pill at south side of Clevedon. "Pill", in Anglo-Saxon, means a "creek" or "inlet" off a river or channel or a small harbour, often tidal and occasionally used as a dock.

Clevedon - Wains Hill

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Clevedon - From Dial Hill

This photograph, which was taken from Dial Hill, the highest part of Clevedon, gives a magnificent view of the sheltered part of the old town, adding to the relatively mild climate.

Clevedon - West End

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Clevedon - Looking south from the M5 motorway footbridge

For thousands of people travelling down the M5 motorway every day, this is the only view they ever see of Clevedon. On weekends in the summer months the motorway can grind to a halt with the large volumes of traffic heading for Devon and Cornwall. I am sure many people have memories of queuing here on a hot Saturday.

M5 Motorway near Clevedon 1973/2008

Clevedon M5 Motorway

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Clevedon - Swiss Valley (East Clevedon)

Postcard photos of Swiss Valley (East Clevedon) over the last hundred years. Photo show All Saints Church. If you look closely on some of the photos you can see the level crossing for the Weston, Clevedon and Portishead light railway.

Swiss Valley

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